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Meet the people behind Xclusive International.
Let us introduce Lars Lenders, our new Senior Sales Manager.

1. Who are you and what are you going to do at Xclusive International?
As leisure expert, I’m going to strengthen the Xclusive Sales Team as Senior Sales Manager. My main focus will be the leisure industry and here I will contribute to creating more impactful experiences and themes.

2. How will you add excitement to the projects of our partners?
A positive mindset with a strong drive to create exciting success stories is what I will bring to the table. This positive attitude and motivation will create an instant connection with our partners, to really work as a team to make it a big success.

3. Why have you chosen to work at Xclusive International?
Because of the innovative, dynamic product field with the super-sized format 3D printing and the enthusiastic team behind it. To create new types of “immersive experiences” with these new techniques. Plus the fact that Xclusive International is a one-stop-shop for creating unique and innovative brand experiences, was also one of the deciding factors to choose for this great company.