We have many years of experience in producing exciting retail solutions. We know the markets, so we are able to respond smartly to trends and customer needs.

Because consumers increasingly want to be surprised at the “place of purchase”, we deliver unique solutions that enhance the shopping experience on multiple fronts.

Consumers want to be surprised_

Never worry

We know that retail is all about making an impact in the short term. Fast delivery and installation also play an important role. One of our strengths is to serve clients from A to Z. From concept and production to installation and design. Our team is always ready.


We are the ideal partner for developing tailor-made solutions and creating the right atmosphere. We always know the exact sizes of the stores we work for. With every assignment we give advice for the right materials and editions. We ensure you that every project is correct and fits your brand.

Our case of the Intersport Concept Store is the ultimate example. A total solution where different sports, sport brands and products come together in one concept.

The Intersport Concept Stores have been implemented at several European locations.

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