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The Xdooropener

In this difficult time, it’s important to work together. Now, even more than ever. To prevent the transmission of viruses and diseases we’ve started to produce the Xdooropener! A hands-free 3D door opener, ideal for hospitals, offices and public areas and toilets.

This sustainable product is produced with the latest 3D print technology (less energy due to the fastest printing time in the world, less material consumption and latest UV cure system with no additives). The Xdooropener consists of two plates and one easy screw, allowing it to work on all kinds of door handles. 

We can produce the Xdooropener standard in white and black, with a hydrophobic finish. But also, a chrome, gold, gold-plated or a special copper finish is possible. And of course, with the proper Hygiene certificate. There really are no limits!

For further information and other options please contact us by e-mail: or go to contact.